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Larry S. Taylor (BA and MA in English literature,United States)

Larry S. Taylor is a Post Graduate in English from University Of Alabama. His prolific way of writing papers has helped lots of students to get through their academic careers. His versatility on writings has succeeded him in veering from topics. He knows exactly how to write on a topic based on the requirements of the paper. For years he has been the top writer and he still continues to be.

Larry S. Taylor has an innate talent of writing in him. He says writing was his niche since childhood. After completing his studies, he joined in the same college as a guest lecturer, and later on because of his dedication and cent percent infinite commitment he was posted permanent lecture. His way through as a student and teacher has molded him in such a way that he knows the mindset of the student and teacher in tandem.

Writing essays and dissertation is Larry’s sphere of specialization and also he is authorized as a complete writer by many students and teachers. He has 20 years of experiment in academic assignment writing and the clients specially want their work to be done by him. His work stands apart as best writings and for that reason only there are more and more requisite for his writings.

Millie Dodd(BA, MA and B Ed in English literature, UK)

Hailing from United Kingdom, Millie Dodd has a greater specialization in English Literature. Her personal strengths and aesthetic sense has always thrived her writing. She has completed her educations from University of London in English Literature. Presently working as an academic writer, she is well known for her dedication and deft working. Her experience in teaching has helped her develop to a devoted writer.

Millie had anunusual like towards English language since childhood. She was a voracious reader and used to read whatever she got. Her eyes used to catch each bit of paper writings, which has made a person with good vocabulary and writing skills. She used to write ever since the age of ten which has molded her into a creative writer.Well-equipped in writing techniques, she carries a unique writing style that lures the heart of the readers.

Though married, she has more dedication towards her work. Why students opt her writing is her because of her commitment and her knowledge in writing field. She has a well-focused writing style of her own and her contents are so well written and perfect. She can be called as a perfectionist. During years she has written a load of research papers and assignments and she is well known and appreciated for her dedication and love for work.

Finlay Hodgson (BA, MA English Ph.D. in Linguistics, United Kingdom)

Finlay Hodgson has attained BA and MA English from University of Birmingham. His love for writing and topper in academics has made him stand apart in his University. He worked in the same University as an Assistant lecturer and simultaneously took a Ph.D. in linguistics. His desire is to be engaged always in some or the other way of creative writing. The creative bent, has made him a dissertation writing expert. Students love his way of writing dissertations which meets all guidelines and formats.

Hodgson has got a wide and long experience in online writing services. He has taken academic writing as his serious profession and academic dissertation writing is chief career. Before working for websites, he was a visiting professor in UK. Fascinated by the online websites, he made his serious entry into the same. Today, he is one among the most recommended dissertation writers.Through his reading he has covered a wide range of knowledge in English Literature and that’s what turned him to be a well-equipped writer.

His interest and dedication to work has made him a versatile writer. Not even a single time his work was reverted back on any issues like plagiarism, content error etc. His knowledge on every topic has made him capable of writing on almost all subject matter. This is the main reason why students demand more of his work.

Lucinda Brodney(BA, MA and M.Phil. in English Literature, Australia)

The Australian writer and the new comer to the online industry has an experience of 5 years. But during this short period, she has almost reached the peak of success. She completed her education from Canberra University and later on she worked as an English tutor in colleges. Her knowledge in literature has helped her to be a successful writer in online websites. Being a potential writer was always in her dreams.

Lucinda is one among those successful writers who has equipped knowledge in writing through good expertise. She gained more knowledge through reading and she promises to write stupendous and brilliant essays and research papers on variety of topics.Apart from a passionate essay writer, she also handles a smooth family. Students demand more of her works because of her accuracy and her knowledge in diverse topics and also her finished papers are of high quality.

Literature topics were always in her interest list. Her ample practice in essay writing has always claimed her to be a prolific and beguile writer. Her essays are systematic and well arranged in structure and formats. Her sifting attitude makes her alert in writing each and every detail of essays and that’s what helps the students to attain their good grades. Students are cent percent satisfied with her work.

Johnnie M. Wray(BA, MA and M.Phil. in English Literature, USA)

Johnnie M. Wray is a writer hailing from the United States. He completed his literary education from University of Colorado. After completing his degree, he pursued his MA and M.Phil. He always looked for a thriving career in English Literature. His wide range of knowledge made him write for online services and he is specialized in writing literary essay questions. For a short while he was teacher too.

Johnnie has an experience of 12 years in the field of academic assignment writing. His unique writing promises that the students get the perfect essay or project, as expected. He always sticks on to the rules and regulation to be followed. His 12 years of experience has suffused him with wide knowledge of subject matter and he has covered almost all topics by now. Students like his refined way of framing sentences and critical analysis.

His education and work experiences have given him enough understanding and excellence in his writing. His command over the language reflects a coherent flow in his works. His sentences are smooth flowing which even captures the minds of the readers. He writes in such a manner that students get quickly satisfied. As a writer, he has welcomed all topics. His teaching experience and proficiency has always helped in writing wonderful projects, in a professional manner.